What to Expect with Lauz Photography 

I have had the privilege of photographing couples weddings from all different backgrounds of life. Every couple is unique and every wedding is different. The format of weddings is very similar, but every couple’s personalities shine through their day and how they choose to have it. No wedding is the same; they all have their own unique style and beauty.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, you want it perfect, you spend years planning it, you have it just how you want and have dreamed of… in that case, you MUST document this day in the best possible way! You need those images to show that day off to the top level!! Exactly what your wedding day deserves.


The part I love most would be meeting you for the first time, hearing about all your plans! What wedding dress you have chosen what colour scheme you have picked and the location for the wedding.

From this meeting, I can envision what your wedding photography will be like and what I can produce for you. I spend time getting to know you as a couple, finding out about your personalities and who wears the trousers! I love to think about the time of year and what colours will be in the background. As a professional wedding photographer, very important to me to produce amazing  wedding photography and capture your personalities exactly.

I can arrange the pre-wedding shoot to a time that suits you.

For example, some people who marry in autumn, may want a pre-wedding shoot in the summer, to get a different feel to the images. We can go to the wedding venue and look at key areas that will be good to use on the day or we can go to a separate location. This is your preference but I do like to mix it up with different locations. You may be a little uneasy about the thought of having someone photograph you; it may be something you have never done before. I like to take this opportunity to get you used to the camera and think about what poses may suit you best. Give you a few pointers on how to make you look your best in your attire. I have found this to be a popular thing to do with the couples.


Pre-wedding getting ready – I will arrive to photograph the wedding party getting ready. First of all I will spend time capturing the tiny details, such as the engagement ring and other jewellery pieces, flowers, shoes and dress.   I will then capture the bridal party just as hair & makeup has been finalised. If you have booked 2 photographer packages, then my colleague at this time will be with the groom at a separate location.

Wedding Ceremony – All ceremonies are different, Catholic ceremonies, Christian ceremonies, registry office, and hotels. Each registrar is different, some may allow full photography during the ceremony, some say no flash and some say no photography, so I capture what ever is allowed during the wedding service. Dependant on the situation, we will do our best to capture what we can in the conditions granted. I always ask for you to find this out before the day.

After the wedding ceremony – This is the time normally spent doing any formal group shots you may require. This is completely up to you. You may want formal wedding photography, some people don’t want any, and some people want me to only capture natural wedding photography.We like to offer the fun frames for your guests! This is very popular and we bring a frame in the colour of your choice.

This is also the time when I would take you away for couple shots, which usually lasts 30-40 minutes dependant on the location.  This is a chance for you to really take it all in and look into each other’s eyes as ‘husband & wife’, I love to capture this intimate time between you both. I feel it’s a very important 30 minutes of your wedding day.

 Dinner – As your guests sit down to the table, I will head around the tables capturing your guests for a quick shot. These images form a great part of your wedding day memories and album. Once dinner is served, I will head for a break to recharge the camera’s batteries and leave your party to enjoy and indulge in the gorgeous food. I will then return for the speeches….

Speeches – The speeches stand out to me as one of the most memorable parts of the day. This is when the important people in your life come together to show their love. I capture this part making sure that the emotion you feel reflects in the images when you look back on your day. It makes you truly re-live the day over and over again. The evening is then documented in a way that truly shows the celebrations to the full.


A couple of days after your wedding, I will upload a “preview blog” to my website of my favourite photo for you to view, this will be followed by usually 15-20 images a week after. I will edit your images ready for viewing upon your return from honeymoon, usually within 3-4 weeks. I will book for you to come and view your images on a personalised slideshow accompanied by music. Your CD of images will be ready for you to take home and you will have the option to have your video uploaded to a secure link for your friends & family to view!

If you have chosen a package to include Albums, these albums are designed by me. Once the design has been made, a proof for you to see will be sent out. Depending on complexity of album, how many changes you want to be made and how many photos you choose for this album. It will usually take 8-10 weeks.

Canvas and prints please allow 1 week.

To view some examples of the wedding albums click here.

Call me on 07803 069594 or email me at info@lauzphotography.co.uk  and we can book a date to meet up and chat about your future wedding!!