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One of my favourite types of work is YOUR WEDDING! I Photograph in high exposure and so my style is modern, light, and romantic with enormous amounts of natural sunlight filling the image to create soft, natural tones. I love a beautiful bride and dashing groom! And let me tell you, every one of you is gorgeous because there’s nothing more beautiful than pure; real happiness, it makes me smile like a Cheshire cat!

When I see how perfect two people are for each other it inspires me to bring it to life in an image, and I love to do this in a dreamy way – every girl dreams to be a blushing bride one day. What I find with weddings, is one tiny moment can be so charged with personality, passion and emotion, and it’s a moment that will never happen again. I think my role is amazing, I can produce these moments to last your lifetime. You may have pictures in your memory but keep them strong throughout your life with pictures on your wall or in an album.

I love meeting the couples and getting to know their personalities and how they bounce off each other! I want to then be part of your day with you feeling comfortable and at ease, most importantly be yourself. Have fun, be spontaneous and feel beautiful because you will be! Give me a call if you want to talk wedding photography or gush over your wedding plans, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Other Photography offered:

  • Civil partnerships
  • Engagement sessions
  • Anniversaries
  • Couple portraits (just for fun, no special occasion)
  • ‘Something a little sexy’ (surprise him with some sexy images of you, could be a present for him the morning of your wedding – just before he see’s you!)