What is a Professional Photo?

You may think to yourself, why?

Why do I need to pay for professional photos when I have a nice 12mp snap camera in my pocket?

There are many factors that contribute to the quality of picture. It’s the skill of the photographer, the quality of equipment including camera body capabilities, quality of lens and glass and Lighting. Sharp focus, perfect lighting, good post processing techniques, and especially good composition, and an eye for good subjects and detail all help. The photographer also works in Manual mode where they have the best control in creating images that come alive. Professional pictures are considered an Art not just a snap.

The main difference between these and a snapshot, is that the photographer has had a certain image in mind and has composed the scene & placed the lighting to create the scene he/she visualised. This is different from a ‘snapshot’ where an image may be taken with no thought of composition, or lighting.

At Lauz Photography – Professional Photographer in Surrey you get the highest quality of image professionally taken. 

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