If you, or someone close to you, is about to take the plunge into married life, there is much to arrange for the big day. Planning a wedding is not something for an amateur, and unless you have experience in managing large events, this one is best left to those who organise events for a living. Traditionally, this has always been the domain of the bride and groom, but modern weddings are typically lavish affairs, and with a wide range of online services, you can pretty much cover everything without leaving your seat.

The Photographer

Modern photographers are called videographers, as the service involves both video and still images, and you will need to book this service well in advance. Good wedding photographers are always busy, so allow a few months to be sure. If you are looking for wedding photographers in Auckland, or any other city, there are online specialists who can create a unique package that is tailored to your requirements. Flexibility is essential for a wedding photographer, and they should be looking to accommodate the client as much as possible.

The Internet

This is a great resource for hiring services, whether you are looking for a caterer in Perth, or a wedding photographer in Auckland, an online search will put you in touch with the right people quickly. For the first time ever, it is now possible to organise a major event like a wedding, without ever leaving your home. If you are IT friendly, things can be quickly sourced, prices compared, and bookings made, and there is no need to visit any of the service providers, as they all have an online presence.

The Venue

More and more people are turning to their own home for the wedding reception, with perhaps one of the parents agreeing to use their large property, and if the marriage takes place in the summer, the garden would be the ideal backdrop. The guest list would already be compiled, so you know how many people to cater for, and bear this in mind when thinking of venues, and don’t forget adequate parking facilities, with some overnight accommodation nearby, for those who travel a long distance.

The Caterer

The key to any successful wedding is great food and service, and with a well-stocked bar, everyone can let their hair down. It might be that the venue specialises in weddings, and in that case, they would supply all the necessary catering and bar services, which would all be added to the bill. If you have to hire a separate catering service, ask all your married friends how their catering was, and possibly contact a recommended company. Failing that, there are online caterers that specialise in weddings, and a simple search will point you in the right direction.


An event manager would certainly ensure the wedding was successful, and this would also allow the bride and groom the chance to really relax and enjoy that once in a lifetime experience.