A lot of precious moments happen during marriage ceremonies. And although these are etched into your memory, it helps to have them captured by a camera. This makes reliving the events much more nostalgic.

So if you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane, you can opt to have a photo book created for your wedding. But before you can have one made, you need to settle on a theme.

How do you pick one? Here are some pointers:

  • You need to decide on the image orientation. Do you want all the pictures to be in portrait or landscape format? Deciding on this sets the tone for the rest of the images in the collection.
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  • You have to think about black and white or coloured photography. This comes down to preference. So you either want all monochrome shots in the album or vibrant ones. Or maybe you might want to have an equal mixture of both.
  • You must ponder over the content of the photographs. You can choose to have all candid stills or ones that were posed. You can also have a good balance of both styles.

By considering the points made above, you can come up with a better decision when it comes to the overall theme of your wedding photo book.