Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and therefore you want to capture all the best memories to enjoy for the rest of your life. That's why a professional wedding photographer is important, and while you are making plans for the big day, for example by looking for a wedding dress online, it's important to spend time looking for that photographer who you are happy to work with, and who can create the best images of your day.

When choosing a photographer you should:

  • Ask for references and recommendations
  • Look at their sample images online
  • Discuss the style of photos you want
  • Ensure that they have a great reputation
  • Speak to friends and family for advice

It's essential to get the right photographer, and the good ones tend to book up far in advance, so you should start booking in the early stages, perhaps around the time you look at bridal gowns online for inspiration. By doing this you can be sure you get the photographer that you want, and one that you can get along with.


It's important that a photographer follows your specification, but also that they have the creativity to capture those special moments. There are many different kinds of wedding, from indoor traditional affairs, to outdoor weddings in the sunshine, and therefore you need a photographer who can cope with all sorts of styles.

Most couples want more than one style of photography nowadays, with a mixture of candid and staged shots, and this will often need to suit the style of the wedding. For example, if you are having a wedding on the beach you will be buying a wedding dress in Sydney and concentrating on the natural elements of the day, and that will make it simple for your photographer to get the photos right.

Shots that many people want included are:

  • A big family portrait
  • Immediate family
  • The vows
  • The bride and groom leaving the ceremony
  • First dance

By having a list of shots that are mandatory, and then leaving the rest to your photographer. You can be sure that you get the photos you need for the mantlepiece, as well as some great surprises.

Working with your photographer

It's essential to have a face to face meeting with your photographer before the big day, and this will help you to discuss what you need from the photographs. For example, if you have decided to buy your wedding gown online, you may want additional photographs of it, and by planning this in advance you don't have to worry about it getting done on the day.

Everyone wants to ensure that their big day is special, and because you've put so much work into it, from decorating the venue to choosing a wedding dress online, you need some great photos to remember things by. The day goes so quickly for many couples, and therefore you should make sure you hire a professional photographer who can capture those special moments for you.

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