So, you’ve decided to take your relationship to the next level with your girlfriend and ask for her hand in marriage. Well, a proposal can seem intimidating with so many questions as to when, where and how. Remember that this occasion is very important, so you shouldn’t do it on a whim. Here are some tips you should pick up to make it a romantic, successful and memorable experience.

Choose the perfect place.

You can choose from many types of places, from the simplest to the most exotic, such as a a beach in Dubai, where you can engage a Film production company UAE specialist to capture the moment for you. While no one can tell you what the perfect spot is for you and your significant other, you can consider some things to make the right decision.

Consider what type of person she is. Is she the private type who likes intimate settings or the outgoing type who likes a crowd? This will help you decide whether you propose in a quiet setting or in the public’s eyes. Opt for a place that’s special to the two of you—your favourite restaurant or the place where you first met, perhaps? Choosing a spot that’s special to you can add to the significance of the occasion.

Propose at the right moment.

Now that you already got the place covered, it’s time to choose the perfect moment. Again, picking the perfect date and time is a personal decision, but there are important factors you should look into.

As a rule of thumb, you have to allow 18 months to plan a wedding. Think this through when deciding when to pop the question. Also, most diamond engagement rings can be received 6 to 8 weeks after you made the order. You don’t want to make the proposal without the ring, do you? So, make sure you allow enough time for the ring to get to you.

There are also pros and cons to making your proposal during a holiday, so decide wisely.

Get everything ready.

Preparation is the key to this occasion’s success, so set aside enough time to make sure you have everything ready to launch the proposal. If you and your love had already talked about marriage in the past, then she might have mentioned which of those diamond engagement rings she would like to wear on her finger someday. This will make things quicker and easier. However, if you weren’t able to get such information, talk to her sister, mum or friends about this.

It’s also good to inform her parents about your plan. This isn’t necessarily to ask permission, but to courteously ask for their blessing. Prepare your reasons why you want to marry their princess. Aside from this, prepare what you’re going to say, seek help from your friends to execute your plan and prepare for the unexpected.

To make the occasion more memorable, you can also hire a professional photographer like me to capture the special moments.