Organising your wedding combines a bit of excitement with anxiety, especially when you're not sure of what you really need to prepare. So, here's a check list of the essential things you need to focus on to avoid getting overwhelmed when preparing for your big day.

The wedding venue

You will need to discuss with your partner about the kind of wedding that you both want in order to avoid arguments later on. Should you go for casual, outdoor theme or would a formal, elegant one be most suitable? Communicating with your partner is important so that you can both meet halfway if there are differences in ideas. In addition, determining the kind of wedding you both want will help you determine the venue to book. Is there a need to hire a marquee for an outdoor wedding? Or do you need to find an elegant country house? Do you need to have your reception in a large indoor setting because you're planning to hire equipment from The Photobooth Co and other stuff that will provide some form of entertainment to your guests? To know more about your options, you can seek the services of Inspired Weddings for a choice of exclusive venues. Visit the wedding venues located in London only at the Stationers' Hall too to find the most suitable venue for your big day. If you’re looking for wedding venues in Sydney the Lauriston House is an excellent location to consider, with beautiful landscaping and elegant interiors.

The food and drinks

Even if you're a good cook, it’s best to leave the foods and drinks to the care of other people. Besides, you don't want to get stressed in the kitchen when you're supposedly preparing for your wedding, right? Different caterers have different specialities, which mean that their menus can differ also. Thus, you will have to compare them to ensure that your menu will best suit your needs as well as those of your guests. If you want less hassle when it comes to this matter, find a catering service and wedding venue from Epicure, so you only have to deal with one company.

For your drinks, you might want to book a tour for wine tasting in Hunter Valley at In this way, you can determine if there's a specific drink that you want to share to your guests on your big day.

The wedding photographer

Of course, never forget to hire a professional photographer, especially for special events like a wedding. There's a big difference in the images when hiring a knowledgeable, experienced team compared to letting your brother take photographs of the event. For one, wedding photography experts in Auckland by Light Script Photography, Archer Imagery family photographers in Perth and wedding photography specialist in Sydney - Expert Photography - know how to capture the perfect shot with the right lighting, angle and timing.

Don't underestimate the importance of having a professional, like in London. This goes especially when you want to have stunning photos that you can cherish for a long time. Additionally, you can book Melbourne wedding video from Cine Styles or professional wedding photographers in Melbourne. Hire Paramount Video Production for a professional wedding video that will last a lifetime.

The dresses

A bride will always be excited about choosing her perfect dress, and you should be too. Your dress should be something that complements you and your emerald cut engagement rings from GN Designer Jewellers. To ensure being comfortable on your big day, make sure that your dress fits you and adjust it if necessary just as you want your man to have a suit that fits him by having the services of Narry, best tailor in Bangkok. Some brides-to-be will go on a fitness regime to lose weight and fit into their dress. If that's feasible for you, then go for it. After the ceremony, you might want to slip on something more comfortable yet still elegant for the after-wedding party. You can find a wide range of great options when you browse through what GCGme has to offer online.

If you want your big day to flow smoothly, make sure you plan for it. But be sure to communicate with your partner so that the day will be perfect for the two of you. If you're getting overwhelmed with the various things you need to focus on, let the pointers stated in the article guide you. If you divide the tasks into chunks, you will be able to easily determine which ones you should prioritise and which ones you should delegate to a more capable individual. Plus, it also helps that someone else is around to assist you. You can hire the team from Marry Me wedding planner in Phuket.