Laura Thomson is a Wedding, fashion, portrait and commercial photographer. Laura’s most compelling quality is the ability to use the beauty of natural light and create dreamy, soft, fantasy images and extract the beauty that stands in front of her lens. Her unique style developed from a young age, when she used to spend her days painting and drawing. Laura believes that every image should be created with the same intensity and creativity of a painting. She looks at the light and the colour’s and develops that unique painting through the lens and post editing. She believes this is an important part of the process when creating a picture from your imagination.

At the beginning, people commissioned Laura to produce drawings. From being well known in this field people began to realize that they could rely on Laura to create an amazing image through the lens, having every trust that she would bring in the goods. She was soon able to demonstrate a strong understanding of how to develop the commercial side of her business to adequately deal with the high demand for her work. She incorporated other lighting techniques to create commercial product photography for corporate clients.  Laura’s work has continued to build, with leading brands, catalogues and well known celebrities.

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